Legon Lecturers Return

SONY DSCLecturers at the University of Ghana, Legon, yesterday returned to the lecture halls despite the nationwide strike by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG).

A visit by The Ghanaian Times to the Legon campus yesterday morning witnessed lecturers at their various lecture halls attending to students.

Dr Langbong Bimi, UTAG President at the University of Ghana, in a telephone interview, mentioned that though he was informed by his executives that some lecturers had returned to the lecture halls, he was yet to verify since he travelled outside campus during the weekend.

“I have been informed by my executives that some of the lecturers returned to the lecture halls, but I’m yet to verify. I was personally outside campus and could not verify the situation,” he said.

Eric Edem Agbana, President of the Students Representative Council (SRC) at the University of Ghana, in an interview, confirmed that lecturers had, indeed, resumed despite the strike.

According to him, the lectures began yesterday due to some internal arrangements agreed upon between management of the university and the lecturers.

He maintained that lectures that had resumed at Legon campus should not be misconstrued that the lecturers have abandoned the current UTAG strike.

Mr. Agbana expressed gratitude to the authorities of the university for the internal arrangements currently underway and hoped that it would enhance academic work.

He appealed to the executives of UTAG to call off the strike so that lectures could also begin at the remaining public universities for the sake of Ghanaian students.

Mikdad Mohammed, the Public Relations Officer of the University of Ghana SRC told Times that the SRC informed students, during the weekend, about the lectures yesterday and majority of them turned up for lectures. - Joseph Edu Archison

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