One major move instituted by the Akufo-Addo administration to gladden the hearts of many people in the country, including Muslims, is the creation of the Zongo Development Fund.

This is the first time such a fund has been created to promote the development of the Zongo communities. It is for this reason that efforts would have to be made to ensure that the purpose of this development fund is made sustainable at all times irrespective of the government in power.

The establishment of the fund has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the government is truly committed to the development of the Zongo communities. It is important for every part of the country to be given a fair share of the national cake in the scheme of things as far as planning and development is concerned.

President Akufo-Addo has reiterated time and again, including his recent visit to Kumasi, that his promise on the Zongo communities will be fulfilled to ensure that there is transformation in their socio-economic development. Every part of the country must be given the needed resources to raise it to the level of satisfaction desired by all.

Therefore, commitment to sub-urban areas and any attempt to develop deprived areas in society falls in line with the desire to ensure social justice.

Social justice demands that all individuals and sections of the society are made to participate actively in the developmental efforts of a country and to benefit from the shares that accrue from the activities of the communities of the nation.

Towards this end, national development cannot be said to be complete when a section of our brothers and sisters in the Zongo communities are left behind in the national development effort.

National development should not only involve the regional capitals or prominent districts in strategic parts of the country, but should be all-inclusive in terms of promoting development in less privileged communities such as inner cities and the Zongo communities.

Whilst these efforts are being made by government to transform and develop the less privileged communities, it is very important for the people who dwell in these communities to see the new wind of change that is blowing across their communities in particular and the country as a whole.

Residents in these communities must respond positively towards the transformation agenda of government by taking advantage of the business opportunities being created in all parts of the country including the Zongo areas to set up and manage their own businesses. Managing their own business entities in this way is what is required for them to lead independent lives without depending on anyone for survival.

In the same way, the Muslim youth, particularly those in the Zongo communities, are also required to take advantage of the creation of new business opportunities to meaningfully participate in the socio-economic development of the country irrespective of where they find themselves.

It is the view of this paper that action would be expedited on the process towards the legalisation of the Zongo Development Fund to make it sustainable at all times as envisaged by government as part of efforts towards the equalisation of opportunities in all parts of the country.

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