Leaders urged to build resilient peace

 Prof Gyampo

Prof Gyampo

Professor Ransford Gyampo, Director of the Centre of European Studies, University of Ghana, has urged leaders to build a resilient peace among West Africa nations to accelerate development in the sub-region.

“Bringing together researchers across the globe for collaborative grant applications, research and publications on issues germane will compel our leaders to build resilient peace among nations in West Africa,” he noted.

Prof Gyampo was addressing an intensive brainstorming, facilitating meaningful interactions between academia policy makers, build relationships between project members, scholars, civil society, policymakers as well as presenting findings of work carried out by researchers in the Resilient Peace Network in West Africa.

It was organised by the Centre for European Studies (CES) in collaboration with the Resilient Peace Network, based in the University of Bristol, UK.

The workshop, which was under the theme: ‘Building resilient peace in West Africa’ was attended by over sixty participants drawn from scholars and researchers in the area of peace building from across West Africa, Europe and Australia.

According to Prof Gyampo, achieving the objectives of the Network would sustain resilient peace in the West Africa sub-region in order to accelerate development.

Dr. Ana Juncos of the University of Bristol, UK, commended the Centre for European Studies for its strong collaboration with Resilient Peace Network.
Dr. Peace Medie of the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD), critically interrogated the issues of peace building in West Africa raised by the discussants. –ghanaweb.com

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