Landslide victory for Naa Momo

Naa Momo – Elected NDC Parliamentary for Krowor

Naa Momo – Elected NDC Parliamentary for Krowor

Former Presiding Member of the Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA), Mrs. Agnes Naa Momo Lartey is the new National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for the Krowor constituency, after posting a landslide victory in the parliamentary primaries.

Naa Momo, who won in all 12 polling centres, garnered 2,495 of the total valid votes cast to beat her two rivals, Daniel ‘Blowman’ Alabi and Emmanuel Laryea Kumakofio-Odai in a grippingly one-sided race.

Blowman, who was tipped by his supporters to give the winner a run for her money, placed a distant second with just 687, while Kumakofio-Odai polled 187 votes of the total valid votes cast.

The voter turn-out was relatively low, but peacefully conducted.

Saturday’s re-election was necessitated by the stepping down of the parliamentary candidate E.B ‘Amoosha’ Borketey, last month, on the grounds of ill-health. He had earlier in the year beaten Blowman to win the mandate.

Unlike the tumultuous celebrations that followed Amoosha’s victory, what was seen on Saturday was rather low key.

In her victory message, Naa Momo, who is the General Secretary of National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG), and once a second national vice president of the association, thanked the electorate for voting massively for her.

“We are one people and we don’t need to celebrate in any big style. Victory for me is victory for the NDC. What is most important is to come together, reposition ourselves as we gear towards retaining the Krowor seat,” she told The Ghanaian Times.

That notwithstanding, Saturday may have been a memorable day for Naa Momo who contested in the 2012 parliamentary primaries, losing narrowly to the incumbent MP, Dr. Nii Oakley Quaye-Kuma.

The chairman of the NDC Krowor Constituency, Joshua Bortey Alabi, who is popularly known as Paa Joe, urged all the party faithfuls in the constituency to rally around Naa Momo in a bid to retain the Krowor seat.

“The primaries are over now and it’s high time we buried our differences and moved on as a one big united family,” he asserted.

Paa Joe attributed the unimpressive voter turn-out to the time limit of the candidates to campaign.

“The candidates had only two weeks to campaign and could not cover a lot of places. I guess that played a major role in the about 50 per cent of people who turned out to vote,” he added.

By John Vigah

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