Lack of online policy hampering child protection

CHILD and family welfare focused organisation, J Initiative, has said that the lack of adequate policy to safeguard children online in Ghana is hampering their holistic protection.

The Executive Director of the Ghana-based organisation, Mrs. Awo Aidam Amenyah said in an interview in Accra at the weekend that the legal framework on child protection in the country predates the online environment.

Therefore, she said that the children were left at the mercy of ruthless online predators who most often abused the children and got away with the offences.

Mrs. Aidam noted that since the law was silent on what actually constituted online abuse of a child, the prosecution of perpetrators of online child abuse offences was extremely difficult.

“Sometimes the abuse is in the form of videos of children lured or forced into sex acts which are posted online,” Mrs. Amenyah added.

The J Initiative Executive Director insisted that the laws of the land needed to be reviewed to reflect the existing trend of digitisation.

“We cannot have a digital system in the country when our laws only focus on offline situations,” Mrs. Amenya maintained.

By Alberto Mario Noretti

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