Lack of law enforcement cause of sanitation challenges – MP

Dr. Mrs. Bernice Adiku Heloo, the Member of Parliament for Hohoe

Dr. Mrs. Bernice Adiku Heloo, the Member of Parliament for Hohoe

Dr Mrs. Bernice Adiku Heloo, the Member of Parliament for Hohoe, has identified what she said is the cause of the “worsening sanitation situation in the country.”

According to her “there is inadequate financial capacity to manage the sanitation situation in Ghana. Without financial and adequate human capacity, we cannot have a clean environment.”

Dr Heloo, a former Deputy Minister of Environment, Science Technology and Innovation, added that insufficient research on sanitation was also one of the reasons the country was struggling to contain the sanitation menace.

Speaking with journalists in Parliament of Friday, she said pieces of research on the sanitation situation in the country were scattered among the universities and the ministries and needed to be harmonised into one policy document.

She said the inability of governments to honour their financial obligation to waste management was affecting the responsiveness of the companies to perform their contractual responsibility.

All these put together, the Hohoe MP said, makes it difficult for effective monitoring of the sanitation situation.

“We lack sustained and intense public education on sanitation and that is a major challenge” said urged the citizenry to be conscious towards the environment.

To her, the inadequacy of law enforcement and the lack of modern recycling plants make the fight against littering the environment a difficult one since the waste collected find its ways back onto the streets because “the waste companies lack complex ways to manage the waste.”

Proffering solutions to the sanitation situation, Dr Heloo urged the government to increase the budget allocation to sanitation activities and declare a national sanitation crusade that involves all stakeholders.

She wants government to invest in a sustained behavioral change campaign with the President at the forefront, including the provision of stationary waste bins at vantage points across major cities and towns.

Additionally, Dr Heloo is advocating that existing sanitation laws be enforced whiles a comprehensive programme for waste recycling is worked on.

The media and civil society organisations, she said must engage more actively in budget tracking and reporting on sanitation.







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