La Agbawe Family demands land from govt

Mr Asiedu addressing the pressThe La Agbawe Family at Adenta, who are claiming ownership of the Aviation Remote Receiving Area land at Adenta in Greater Accra, have issued a three-day ultimatum to government to release the land to them, or face their wrath.

They said after the ultimatum, they would move to the site with their families and take back what rightfully belong to them.

They announced these at a press conference yesterday at Adenta on Wednesday, to inform government of their decision to take back their land or embark on a daily demonstration to ensure that they received justice.

The secretary to the family, Emmanuel A. Asiedu, said the takeover of the land by government had deprived them of their livelihood, as most of them depended on it to make a living.

He said the land was released to the family in 2007 and 2008 by the former President John Agyekum Kufuor and the late Former President John Evans Atta Mills because it was not used for the intended purpose, saying the land should be returned to rightful owners, because it was not being used.

“This is the land on which our grandfathers and their wives undertook farming for many years. Because there are no jobs, the youth and their parents cultivate vegetables to earn a living. Government in January 2014, without any warning used bull-dozers to demolish our property and in the process an innocent person was shot dead”, Mr. Asiedu said.

He said the shrine the people inherited from their forefathers was still on the land, but the fetish priest could not perform customary rites there, resulting in strange deaths among the six families who own the land.

Mr. Asiedu said instead of the government returning the land to people, it has given the land to some people, who are putting up buildings on it without recourse to those whom it was sold to previously.

He lamented that the government was not ready to compensate the land owners.


By Lawrence Vomafa-Akpalu


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