Kwesi Pratt replies Minority Leader

kwesiA leading member of the Committee for Joint Action (CJA), Kwesi Pratt Jnr has jumped to the defence of the pressure group, cautioning the Minority Leader in Parliament Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu to refrain from speaking if he has nothing to say.

He said the Minority Leader and his party’s (National Patriotic Party) attempt to sound holier than everyone else was at best “dishonesty and hypocritical,” because the Kufour-led administration did not perform creditably.

His comments were in response to that of Mr.Mensah-Bonsu at a press conference last week, which was organised by the Minority in response to the 2015 Budget Statement.

The Minority Leader at that event said, the budget statement was a “hopeless” one, and would not advance Ghana’s economic development.

He also questioned why the CJA watched in silence while the government increased the price of petroleum products with impunity.

He said the CJA, made up of some members of the present government and members of civil society, went on countless demonstrations when the NPP was in government, constantly calling on that administration to reduce fuel prices drastically, even though world market price of fuel at the time was $147 per barrel.

“All of a sudden, the CJA members have lost their voices under this government while it drastically increases fuel prices, even though price of crude oil is almost at an all-time low – below $50.”

But Mr. Pratt, who is also the Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, said the Minority Leader should “keep his mouth shut if he has nothing to say rather than turning himself into a mountain of ridicule.”

He said whatever decision the Mahama-led administration has taken today in relation to the increase in the price of petroleum products has happened before under the Kufour-led administration, and so the Minority Leader should not pretend that they were better.

Mr. Pratt said that even though what happened previously did not justify what was happening currently, the complaints by the Minority showed “double standard and hypocrisy”.

He said the best way to deal with issues concerning petroleum prices was to create transparency in the fixing of the prices because “whether Kufour, Mills or Mahama, the talk of subsidy is dishonest.”

When asked to comment on how the Mahama-led administration has performed over the two year period, Mr. Pratt said the government has made some significant achievements.

Several projects, according to him have been completed leading to the development of the country and lowering of the cost of living significantly.

He however advised that the government should not get complacent but rather work harder, because its ability to deal with the challenges would determine its fate in the 2016 general elections.

He advised government to tackle the issues such as the inadequate supply of electricity, because the economy is dependent on the provision of electricity.-


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