Kwabena Adjei Warns NDC Of Implosion

The  incumbent National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Kwabena Adjei, has warned of a looming danger should delegates attending the party’s national delegates’ congress allow themselves to be influenced by money.

He explained that the NDC’s ideology, vision and mission were predicated on good political behaviours and as well on the compulsive need to serve the people loyally.Dr Kwabena Adjei

According to him, unmindful of these credentials, “it is rumoured that some party members who do not contribute a pesewa to the party for its grassroots operations have now amassed money which they intend to use to influence the election for their favourites at the pending congress”.

Dr. Adjei, who is seeking a third four-year term gave the caution in a press statement issued and signed by him, yesterday.

The NDC heads for congress on Saturday, December 20, where delegates would elect 24 national officers to steer the affairs of the party for a four-year term. Congress, which is the highest decision making body would also make several amendments to the party’s constitution.

These would include an amendment to increase the electoral college of the party at all levels.

Dr. Adjei said since the tumultuous 2005 Koforidua congress where he was elected as National Chairman, the internal democracy of the party has been enhanced and that, “the NDC has witnessed the democratic attributes of unity, tolerance, understanding, peace and love”.

He noted that, as chairman, he has always remained neutral in order to promote and sustain these sterling democratic qualities which “are the principles of our party’s democratic adaptability and survival”.



He however stated that some aspirants seeking positions at the upcoming congress, in their desperation for power are orchestrating alleged diabolical plans which would be a fatal political mistake.

He cautioned that, “the situation is anticipated to be even worse than what happened in Koforidua in 2005, if what I pick from the grapevine has any atom of truth.

“It must stop now to save the NDC from disintegration and total destruction,” adding that “the monkey-de-work-baboon-de-chop must stop now”.

According to Dr. Adjei, the earliest delegates and other party members begin to appreciate that the NDC was not for sale to the highest bidder, the better the party’s chances remain as robust.

The incumbent chairman said the progressive party-building intentions of the NDC as peaceful and festive had been demonstrated at its congresses in Tamale (2010), Sunyani (2011) and Kumasi in 2012.

“Therefore, this enviable democratic record should be jealously guarded and sustained at all legitimate costs,” he added.

The incumbent faces strong challenge from three party gurus, namely; Dan Abodakpi, Alhaji Huudu Yahaya and Kofi Portuphy’


Earlier, Dr. Adjei told some journalists during a media interaction on a live television programme that his chances of retaining his position were bright.

He explained that unlike numerous promises some of his competitors were making to delegates, his triumph card would be based on his achievements.

He stressed that he was seeking a renewal of his mandate based on his honesty, patience and accommodating nature during his working life.

Added to these, he said he became national chairman at the most difficult time, but was able to lead the NDC to two successful elections.

“I took over when the party had been broken into pieces, when there was hopelessness and apathy within the rank and file and when all party assets had either been squandered or stolen.”

According to him, he needed another mandate because he still has work to do for the party and steer it to a third successive electoral victory in the 2016 general elections.

He therefore, appealed to delegates to vote for him based on his open-door policies and achievements.



Dr. Adjei, who affectionately calls himself, “Kill the Cat”, was born on March 1943 at Nkonya Ntsumuru in the Volta Region.

Before entering mainstream politics, Dr. Adjei, had lectured at the University of Maiduguri in Nigeria, University of Ghana, Legon, University of Cape Coast and the Institute of Adult Education, Accra.

In 1986, he was appointed the PNDC Deputy Secretary for the Volta Region.

Subsequent appointments included PNDC Deputy Secretary for Industries, Science and Technology, Deputy Minister of Lands and Forestry, Minister of Lands and Forestry and Minister of Food and Agriculture.

He has also been a Member of Parliament for Biakoye and served in the House as Majority Leader and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs.

Dr. Adjei is currently chairman of the Ghana Education Trust Fund.

By Ian Motey

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