Kusasis in Tema install chief

Kusasis residing in the Tema Metropolis and its environs have installed a chief to serve as a custodian of their culture and traditions as well as their traditional leader in their adopted home.

Naaba Apas-Sugru I, who is the third person to be installed chief of the Kusasi community in Tema, replaces Naaba Ibrahim Awuni, who died four years ago.

Naba Aguure called for peace in the Upper West, Upper East and Northern regions (three northern regions) in particular, and Ghana, in general.

He said, “My message is peace for the whole country and the three northern regions, which have lagged behind our fellow countrymen, due to pockets of needless conflicts.”

Naba Aguure said peace was the ultimate tool for transforming the youth into useful human resource for development.

He   advised Kusasis to resort to their traditional mode of conflict resolution and stop running to the police with issues which could be resolved amicably among themselves.

Naba Aguure urged the people to be law abiding, united and support the “socio-cultural and geo-political development of Ghana.”

Naaba Daazuur II, the Divisional Chief of Kpikpiradan, Timpani Traditional Area, stressed on the need for togetherness, “If Kokombas are fighting Kusasis, Nanumbas are fighting Dagomba’s, no serious investor would want to invest in the north.”

He bemoaned the economic limitations of the people of the north, saying, “We have the land, we have the resource, but when we come down south, we turn ourselves into security men and hewers of wood instead of becoming like the southerners.”

Naaba Daazuur observed that northerners of today had no excuse not to make it to the top because other northerners had risen to high positions in Ghana and should serve as inspiration to them.

Installing the chiefdom title on him, Chief Alhaji Hanisa Mahama Musah, the Muslim Chief of Tema and Ashaiman, who represented the Tema Traditional Council, observed that Kusasis had not given the Tema stool any problem so far, and, therefore, asked other ethnic groups living in Tema to emulate their example.

He asked the Kusasis to work hard so that they could join those back home to develop their communities.


Pix – Naaba Apas-Sugru I

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