Kumasi Central Prison inmate escapes

The Kumasi Central Prison and the Police in Ashanti have mounted a search for an inmate, who escaped from prison custody last Saturday, November 2, 2018.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Kumasi Central Prisons, Deputy Superintendent of Prison (DSP) Richard Bukari, who confirmed the incident to the Ghanaian Times here on Monday, authorities were working hard to recapture the escapee.

He indicated that, “investigations are still ongoing to find the reason behind the escape and how he managed to escape from custody”.

According to DSP Bukari, the inmate, whose identity was not disclosed for security reasons, was brought to the central prison on Friday, November 1, 2018, but he escaped the next day.

Meanwhile, tension was said to be building up in the prisons between prison officers and inmates over the escape of the inmate.

According to reports by an anonymous inmate, who secretly reported the incident to Fox Fm, a local radio station in Kumasi, the prison officers have been subjecting the inmates to beatings after the inmate escaped.

According to the anonymous inmate, security had become tighter amid frequent headcounts.


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