‘Kufuor Will Support Any NPP Flagbearer’

Former Ghanaian President John Kufuor adThe Spokesperson for former President John Agyekum Kufuor, Frank Agyekum has revealed that although his boss decided to abstain from Sunday’s Special Delegates’ Congress he will fully support anybody who emerges as flagbearer after October 18.

The spokesperson further added that the former President is a statesman and a leading member of the NPP and therefore the need for him to rise above party politics in these times when there has been too much suspicion and rancor in the party.

“The reason for my boss’s abstinence is that he knows he’s a statesman and a leading member in the party, and he knows that as an elder in the NPP family, when your children are competing for something, you don’t support one against others by voting; that brings division. That’s why he thought of it that where the party has reached, it would be better sit back and allow fair competition to take place”, Mr. Agyekum stated yesterday.

“Before the congress, many of the aspirants approached him (former president Kuffour) asking for his support, but he declined. Nonetheless, anybody who emerges, he’ll support him with all his might and efforts,” he added.

Mr. Agyekum argued that this year’s special exercise to elect a flagbearer has been surrounded by suspicion and rancor compared to what existed previously even when there was still stiff competition for the flagbearership slot, hence his boss thought of it as a strategy to stay away to reduce suspicion and rather throw his weight behind anybody who emerges after the whole exercise.

“I agree that this is not the first time we are experiencing such heated competition, but those times there wasn’t this much suspicion and rancor in the party like now, even to the extent that former president Kuffour has been accused falsely on a number of occasions”.

“It’s also a strategy just for the wellbeing of the party; even when former President Kuffour had to attend Mahama’s inaugural ceremony, the frontage of his mansion was blocked by party supporters preventing him from going.

“Today when Chairman and Secretary woke up to organize a press conference [at the NPP headquarters], somebody also mobilized supporters to come and whip the person. So with the recent happenings, the former President has thought about it and felt his actions would have to be calculated in order not to deepen the cracks,” he asserted.

The NPP family would head for the polls once more on October 18 to elect a flagbearer out of the five candidates shortlisted from the previous seven candidates.


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