Kufuor predicts prosperous nation next year

Former President, J.A Kufuor

Former President, J.A Kufuor

Former President Agyekum Kufuor has observed that the current outlook of things connotes prosperity and increase for the citizenry in the coming year.
“That however, can only be viable with inclusivity and tolerance on the part of every Ghanaian,” he noted.

Quite ahead of his colleagues with a goodwill message for the festive season, former President Kufuor urged all to consider the total good of the country when acting or making decisions in any regard saying, “Oneness, tolerance and unity are a few virtues as key to the advancement of the country.

“I encourage Ghanaians to expect better things from the coming year and enjoy the Christmas season because things are looking up and my prayer really is next year will be prosperous for our nation, for all of us inclusively and Ghana should move ahead.

“Let’s all be tolerant and patient and let’s have fellow feeling, we are all one and the same people in one country and the country is blessed really by God, let’s enjoy the Christmas and look ahead with confidence,” former President Kufuor assured. –ghanaweb.com

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