Kufuor Admonishes Students To Eschew Corruption

President And Mrs. Bush Hold State Dinner For President Of GhanaFormer President John A. Kufuor has advised graduates of the Accra Institute of Technology to eschew corruption in all its forms and the “get rich quick” attitude, but rather use the skills acquired to support national development.

Speaking as the Special Guest of Honour at the sixth Graduation ceremony of the institute in Accra, the former President bemoaned the increasing “get-rich quick” attitude among the youth, and urged them to work hard to achieve success.

“You must do everything you can to help the outside world understand the power and purpose of good education and training you have acquired at this university,” he stated.

He added that the present world of competiveness and socio economic development depended on research, science and technology, which were very crucial.

Policies, he said should be science and technology oriented as in no time, the might of  nations would not be measured by the size of its armaments, armed forces or defence budgets, but rather by the size of its research and development efforts.

“I am proud that the dreamers of this university have established a principally scientific institute dedicated to research and development and that is giving a pride of place to ICT,” he added.

The diverse fields of study at the university, he said, “gives hope to the sustainability of our companies as new graduates with such diversified talents enter industry, finance, agriculture and others to stimulate innovations for improvements in systems of operation and in the styles of management in these areas.”

“These are the critical areas of endeavour that are essential if our country is to leapfrog into the mainstream of globalisation and to ensure competiveness,” the former President stressed.

He further commended the tremendous contributions to education and national development that the nation’s private universities and tertiary educational institutions were offering.

“They are fulfilling a very essential need as the spaces at the nation’s public tertiary educational institutions are woefully inadequate to meet the space requirement of an increasing student population,” he added.

In all, over 200 students graduated from the university with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

President of AIT, Professor Clement K. Dzidonu congratulated the graduates, and urged them to be ambaassors of their institute through their quality performance in their respective fields.

Prof. Francis K. Allotey, Chairman of AIT Board, gave the assurance that institute would continue to offer the best education to students to become useful to society.

By Michael D. Abayateye

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