THAT most state institutions are performing below expectation, is an incontrovertible statement of fact.

Owing to insufficient budgetary allocations, they are facing serious challenges, which are hindering their ability to perform.

However, a few are trying to ride the tide and discharge their duties as efficiently as possible.

One such institution is the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), which is striving to carve a new image for itself, by endeavouring to execute its duties.

This, The Times has noted, is due to the pragmatic policies adopted by the new leader, Dr Albert Brown- Gaisie, who has risen through the ranks by dint of hardwork, and, therefore, conversant with the core values of the Service.

The GNFS, which used to be highly criticised for poor performance, has in recent times, been receiving praises from members of the public for its quick response to calls of fire outbreaks.

Last week, reports indicated that but for the quick response of personnel of the service, the fire that gutted some containers at Abbosey Okai spare parts trading area, in Accra, would have caused far more damage than it did.

Residents confirmed that within minutes of a call being placed to the GNFS, four fire tenders arrived and the personnel went to work, battling the fire and soon brought it under control.

It was noted that the timely response averted what would have resulted in a conflagration in the area.

Similarly, eyewitnesses said the GNFS personnel’s efficient handling of the fire at a refuse dump at Bubiashie, also in Accra, prevented it from engulfing houses nearby. The only property affected were the three vehicles parked near the refuse.

In the wake of the June 3 flood disaster in Accra, the GNFS took a proactive step of inspecting all filling stations nationwide, and closing down those identified as posing potential threats.

The Service has now declared its intention to extend the exercise to prison facilities, police cells and other sensitive institutions and installations, as well as residences of government officials, among others.

The Times highly commends Dr Brown-Gaisie for exhibiting exemplary leadership, and hopes other state officials would emulate him.

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