Many residents of the Greater Accra Region, are heaving sighs of relief, following the announcement yesterday, that expansion works on the Kpong Water Treatment Plant had been completed.

Indeed, the residents have every reason to rejoice over the completion of the work, since the daily production of potable water would increase to 65 million gallons per day.

Consequently, they and their compatriots elsewhere are henceforth, likely to enjoy uninterrupted water supply.

At least, consumers in Accra would enjoy 40 million gallons of the total production daily, and this would be an unprecedented relief to many.

Residents of the region have over the past years endured shortages and this has been nightmarish for many, since they constantly do not have water for domestic use. The industries have also been suffering the same fate.

It is thus, heartwarming that, at last the government has resolved the perennial shortages in Accra, which sometimes culminate in water rationing. It is a feat which must be applauded.

The Times commends the government for taking the bold step to expand the Kpong water facility at a cost of $300 million.

While applauding the government, it is also important to remind it not to rest on its oars, but invest more in the sector to produce more potable water for the people.

“Water,” it is said, “is life”, therefore, it is necessary it is produced in volumes ahead of the growing population, to save the people from the embarrassment we are just coming out of, in future.

We can’t wait for the inauguration of the water treatment plant by the President, John Mahama, tomorrow; indeed, we are anxious for it!

Such areas as Tema, Teshie, Nungua, Madina, Adenta, Ashongman, and Kwabenya, among others, will now enjoy uninterrupted potable water, and we are happy for them.

It is our prayer and hope that effective 2015, water shortages in Accra would be over, and the government credited with providing one of the basic needs of the people — water!

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