The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), and the Rockefeller Foundation, yesterday formally began the process to aid the implementation of the framework that would admit the AMA into the Club 100 Resilient Cities in the world.

By its admission, the AMA would become one of the 300 cities which competed for membership of the RC. The 100 RC project was pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, to help cities in the world to become more resilient in overcoming challenges in the areas of physical infrastructure and socio-economic development.

With its membership, AMA now qualifies for financial assistance from the Rockefeller Foundation, to roll out innovative ideas over a 69-month period, to overcome the shocks of natural phenomena as disasters occasioned by climate change.

The Times commends the AMA for making it into this august assemblage of cities, particularly when it had been unable to gain acceptance at three previous attempts.

It is therefore, commendable that at last, Ghana’s foremost metropolitan assembly has been accepted to be part of the Phase II membership of the worldwide Resilient Cities.

We are sure that the AMA and its Chief Executive, Mr. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, must be elated by this singular and stupendous achievement, which is expected to result in the development of the Accra metropolis.

We however wish to caution that by this achievement, the AMA must not be complacent because much more is expected of it.

The Assembly should be the first to admit that there is a lot of work to do in the city. Already, the city is overwhelmed with filth, choked gutters, with slums springing up everywhere, lawlessness has reached its apogee, and general indiscipline is the order of the day!

It therefore, appears that work in the city is a tall order, which must be tackled with zeal and gusto.

We have no doubt in our mind that the Chief Executive and the Assembly, are up to the task, and now that they have the opportunity, we are sure, they would take full advantage of it.

We are aware, they may face some challenges, as some dwellers in the city may want to resist some of the actions they may take. But then, we urge them to be ‘very resilient’ and pursue the agenda of turning the city of Accra into a place fit for all who cherish beauty, and development, and capable of delivering basic services in both good and bad times to all its dwellers.

We hope this collaboration would bring us international best practices, to turn Accra into one of the most amiable cities in the world.

Once again, Kudos, Accra!

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