K’si police seek assistance for gay

DCOP Ken Yeboah, Ashanti Regional Police Commander.

DCOP Ken Yeboah, Ashanti Regional Police Commander.

The Ashanti Regional Police Command is arranging for the services of a counsellor for a gay/homosexual, who has been practising the act for 16 years.

Nana Kwame, also known as Chris Boateng, 26, dresses just like a woman amid make-ups to solicit or attract men mostly at night clubs.

He was arrested last Friday as he was plying his trade along the Ridge police station in Kumasi.

According to the Ashanti Regional Police Crime Officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Peter Baba, “we have decided to arrange a counsellor for him to talk him down. This is the second time he had been arrested, but we believe that if a counselor engages him, he could be reformed judging from how he got himself into gayism/homosexuality.”

ACP Baba said the police were yet to prefer any charge against him.

However, it was believed that he had the power of vanishing moments after he took money from his ‘clients’.

Speaking to The Ghanaian Times in the presence of the police on Tuesday, Nana Kwame gave his female names as Tracey and Ciara.

He said he went into the act at age 10, following what he described as a maltreatment from his aunt when his mother died when he was six years,


Nana Kwame said, “So I left our home at Medoma, near Tafo, in Kumasi, and I was introduced into it by some friends.”

Throwing light on his lifestyle, Nana Kwame, who has beads around his waist with a pierced nose, said he dresses like a woman sometimes, to entertain his admirers at pubs, but “as a gay, I play the female part, and I have been doing this for 16 years”.

Asked whether he feels very sorry for being a gay, Nana Kwame admitted that he was in a wrong profession, but the hardships of life had forced him into it.

He said he welcomed the decision of the police to seek a counsellor for him.

Meanwhile, the police have granted him an enquiry bail to report daily to the headquarters till the determination of the case.

From Kingsley E. Hope,

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