Krachiwura denies causing financial loss

•   Nana Mprah Besemuna ll — Krachiwura

• Nana Mprah Besemuna ll — Krachiwura

The Paramount Chief of the Krachi Traditional Area in the Volta Region, has denied media reports that the Government’s White Paper on the Judgement Debt Commission Report has indicted him on a GH¢71 million land compensation deal.

Nana Mprah Besemuna II, Krachiwura, who was at the New Times Corporation on Wednesday to set the records straight, following a Ghanaian Times front page story captioned “GH¢71 million Blown, Krachiwura indicted” in its December 1, 2015, edition, said that nowhere in the Government White Paper was he also described as having caused financial loss to the state.

Nana Besemuna said that the White Paper did not instruct the Attorney-General to retrieve the compensation paid to people of Krachi traditional area with interest as reported.

Rather, the government said, it had accepted the recommendation of the Judgement Debt Commission and directed the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and with the support of the Ghana Institution of surveyors to set up a committee to investigate the Volta River Authority (VRA) compensation payments amounting to GH¢138 million approved in 2008 to establish the level to which the respective acreages of the claim areas had been inflated as well as investigate the level to which the claim amounts had been diverted for personal use by persons who were not entitled to them.

Also, reacting to the Judgement Debt Commission’s Report to the fact that the “Volta Lake Reimbursable Fund” was fraudulently set up to siphon state funds, and that the VL Fund was not registered, the Krachiwura debunked the claim and produced documents of incorporation to prove that the Fund had been duly registered at the Registrar-General’s office.

He indicated that all the necessary documents regarding the Fund, names of claimants and how much each family collected were given to the Commission during its investigations into the land compensation payment. Nana Besemuna wondered why the Sole Commissioner, Mr. Justice Yaw Apau’s Report ‘captured’ him alone as if he was a common criminal, who had perpetrated a crime against the state.

“In no document submitted by the claimants to the lands commission for their land compensation can my name be found: No, I am not a claimant so why should I be crucified for something I have not done?”, he asked.

The Paramount Chief said that the claimants of the Krachi Area have issues with the Sole Commissioner’s findings and recommendations, which formed the basis of the government’s white paper and are taking the appropriate steps to challenge them to their logical conclusion.

By Castro Zangina-Tong

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