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KotokoThe coach of the National Weightlifting team, Mr. Alfred Abochie has described the leadership of Professor Francis Dodoo, president of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) as a total failure in comparison to his immediate predecessor, Mr. B.T Baba’s regime.

Speaking after the shambolic performance of Team Ghana at the Commonwealth games in Glasgow, Albert Abochie drew the attention of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to the poor managerial practices employed by Professor Dodoo which led to that poor show by Team Ghana.

“It wasn’t like that during B.T Baba’s time. Everything was moving on well. It was not like this. B.T Baba always made sure that other sportsmen and coaches are comfortable”, Abochie said.

“How can I be asked to stay aside for someone who is here to do a course to take them to the games. It is absolutely abnormal for me to be told that because I will be going to China, I should not go to the Glasgow Games. What does that mean? After training these weightlifters as a national  coach, you put me aside and bring somebody else to go”, he added.

The coach also added that, the athletes were familiar with him because, he had been training the team and preparing them for the Games.

He was, however shocked when he was asked to step aside because he will be going to China.

Mean while,  Professor Dodoo, who is also president of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) has explained what transpired between he and Nester Garley, the President of the Badminton Association of Ghana, claiming that there was no brawl that ensued between them.


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