Kombian Denies Killing Two Police Personnel

Johnson Kombian, the alleged murderer of tw policemen yesterday opened his defence before the Accra Fast Track High Court Division Four saying, he did not kill the police officers.

He also denied the claim by the prosecution that he and three others (now at large) conspired to murder the police officers on October 17, 2010 at Nakpanduri, adding, he bore the deceased no grudge to warrant his killing them.

The accused and his accomplices were said to have intentionally killed Constables Prince Adjare and Owusu Frimpong, and maimed another while they were riding on a motorbike on lawful duty.

Led in evidence by Mr. George Asamani, the accused maintained that he was in the Republic of Togo when the alleged murder occurred and was nowhere near the incident spot.

Counsel: Can you tell this court where you were before 2010?

Accused: I was serving a jail sentence in prison, my Lord.

Counsel: Please tell the court what sent you to prison

Accused: My Lord, I stole a six battery tape recorder and I was sentenced to seven years imprisonment

Counsel: So, apart from this sentence, have you ever been jailed for any offence?

Accused: No, my Lord.

Counsel: Are you aware that Corporal Osei Bonsu, one of the witnesses who testified in this case said he saw you shoot Prince Agyare?

Accused: That is not true my Lord. On the that day, I was in Togo and therefore could not have been the murderer.

Counsel: You said in your caution statement that you were at Nakpanduri on October 16, 2010.

Accused: Yes, my Lord.

Counsel: What was your mission and how long did you stay?

Accused: My Lord, I went to sympathise with my family on the loss of my sister and stayed for only 30 minutes before going back to Togo.

Counsel: You swore by the Holy Bible to tell this court the truth.

Accused: Yes, my Lord, I am a Christian and a family man

Counsel: So, is it true   that you killed the police officers?

Accused: No, my Lord, I have said from day one that I did not kill anybody and I still stand by it.

During cross examination by Marina Appiah-Opare, Principal State Attorney, the accused disagreed that he killed the policemen.

State Attorney: Do you still stand by your caution statement?

Accused: Yes, my Lord.

State Attorney: I am putting it to you that you have not been truthful to this court.

Accused: My Lord, the truth is what I have told this court.

State Attorney: You said your mother’s house was burnt.

Accused: Yes, my lord.

State Attorney: Did you say that in your caution statement?

Accused: My Lord, the police made me give an induced statement even though I told them I was unwell at that time. They forced me to give my statement. But some of the things I said were not contained in the statement.

Kombian is standing trial for allegedly killing two policemen, Constables Prince Agyare and Owusu Frimpong on October 17, 2010 at Nakpanduri.

He has since the commencement of the trial, pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges. Six witnesses, including a citizen of Nakpanduri, three policemen and a pathologist at the Police Hospital in Accra, have testified in the case.

The case has been adjourned to August 19.

By Malik Sullemana

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