Kofi Bentil: I worked for change in govt

 Mr Bentil

Mr Bentil

Legal practitioner and leading member of Pressure group, Citizen Ghana Movement, Kofi Bentil, has revealed how he and several others in his former group OccupyGhana were against the Mahama-led government.
As such, did whatever it took to get his government out of power, including voting against him.

According to him, “Everything was all over the place, clearly, they were mismanaging the challenges”, he said as he lamented the poor governance displayed by then President, John Dramani Mahama, a situation that led to a street protest by a number of people considered to be among the middle class of the Ghanaian society at the time.

The move, according to Mr Bentil, who is also the vice president of IMANI Africa, was to force the Mahama-led administration to take the citizenry more seriously.

He pointed out that OccupyGhana was set against the previous government because the pressure group was unhappy with how the country was governed and wanted a change.
Questioned about his neutrality and allegations of his bias for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) following the comments, Mr Bentil admitted that though he is ‘independent minded’ he is not neutral.

“In the face of bad governance and corruption, any well-meaning individual who declares neutrality has taken the side of wrong.
“The current NPP government is doing better than the erstwhile Mahama-led administration” even though he admits there are some areas that need to be watched closely.

“The previous government had eight years and we ended up in a big mess, and over the eight years we advocated, when we realised then that we were not heeded to, we took to the street.
“For now, we are not having the argument we used to have, the current government is far better than the previous,” Mr Bentil noted.

He commended the current government for being receptive to the views of civil society groups in the country –ghanaweb.com

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