Knights ask Ghanaians to oppose same-sex marriages

The Koforidua-Ho Grand Commandery and Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of St. John International has protested against same sex marriages in the country.

It has, therefore, called on traditional and religious leaders as well as civil society organisations not to relent in their efforts in opposing the canker.

In a communiqué issued after a five- day first biennial convention at Koforidua over the weekend, it urged the government and parliament to resist all pressures from the powerful gay lobbyists, both home and abroad, to introduce any legislation which would have the effect of legalising same sex marriages under the pretext of protecting the fundamental human rights of those prone to such practices.

Same sex marriages, the group said “would lead to the destruction of the moral fabric of our dear nation and pose a great danger to the sustenance of family life as we understand it to be”.

According to the communiqué which was jointly signed by the Grand President, Brigadier P.C.N.Sangber-Dery and Respected Grand President, Noble Sister Elizabeth Atiemo, it explained that it fully supported the hierarchy of the Church in denouncing and condemning same sex marriages anywhere they occured in the world, since it was against the Ghanaian culture and Africans, and the Holy Scripture “sees marriage as a union between a man and a woman for purposes of procreation”.

It noted with concern and trepidation the determination of the western world, to foist on the people in the developing countries such as Ghana, the so-called gay and lesbian rights under the guise of protecting the fundamental rights of those people.

The five-day programme which was on the theme, “Sustaining family life in the changing world: the role of the Knights” stated that family life in the country was under threat from both internal and external forces.

The communiqué acknowledged the current hardships in the country and urged parents to strive hard to take keen interest in the formation and upbringing of their children by providing them with their basic needs.

It advised parents to interact with their children, know the friends of their children, inculcate in them the love of God, and admonish the children on the dangers inherent in engaging in pre-marital sex, and above all parents must lead lives worthy of emulation.

The group called on the government to create the enabling environment for entrepreneurs to create jobs to enable parents to secure jobs which could earn decent incomes to enable them to discharge their responsibilities to their families.

From Samuel Opare Lartey, Koforidua

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