KMA closes down Opoku Sika Palace Hotel

The Kumasi Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Kojo Bonsu, on Saturday ordered the closure of Opoku Sika Palace Hotel at Asafo for operating under unhygienic conditions, and failure of workers of the hotel to take part in the National Sanitation Day exercise.

The four-storey facility situated on the wings of the road in-between the Ahmadiyya roundabout and the Asafo lorry park, had a heavily choked gutter close to its washing bay and restaurant.

Mr. Bonsu chanced on the scene as he strolled to a nearby location where some people were clearing gutters, as part of the fifth National Sanitation Day clean-up exercise.

The depth of the filth in the gutter with plastic containers, boxes, polythene bags, human excreta, sanitary pads and others, and the houseflies that hovered around despite the fact that people worked, lived and ate there, infuriated the MCE who ordered the immediate closure of the facility, and sanitary summons issued to the managers of the hotel.

“This is an eyesore”, Mr. Bonsu said, as he directed the security present to clear the washing bay, to allow the locking up of the entry and exit points of the facility. “See the kind of filth; and, people work and eat here? How can we live in a city, talk about sanitation and then have no one doing something about this?”

“I am closing down the place until the work is done and everything here is cleared. My worry and the most important thing is that they clear the filth. If it is cleared, then I am home and dry,” he said.

Owner and Chief Executive Officer of the facility (CEO), Nana Opoku Sika, who was embarrassed with the situation, admitted that it was bad, but blamed residents and the drivers at the lorry station whom he accused of using the spot as a refuse dump.

“The resident and the drivers have been dumping their refuse here. On countless occasions, I have told them to stop but they keep coming because there is no refuse dump anywhere close to this area,” he said.

He, however, promised to get the place cleared, saying “We clean the gutter frequently but the problem is that it doesn’t take a week to fill up again. But, this time, I will find a way to stop people from dumping here again”.

The exercise was an improvement on the previous one, as people showed commitment and responded positively.

From Kingsley Hope, Kumasi

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