K’Bu Hosp Probes 1,052 ‘Ghost’ Names

Rev Albert Botchway (,table head)addressing the press conference. present are Management staff.The acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the hospital, Rev. Albert O. Botchway, announced this yesterday at a news conference on steps to deal with ‘ghost names’ on the hospital’s payroll, which has generated a lot of controversy in the media recently.

On record, he said, there are 4,252 staff who are on Government of Ghana (GOG) payroll while 347 are on the hospital’s internally generated fund (IGF) with the newly employed nurse being 423.

‘In total, we have a staff strength of 5,022 out of which 4,252 are on GOG payroll.  Of this number only 2,752 appeared and checked their names during the headcount exercise,” he said.

‘An alarming number of 1,052 staff did not present themselves to be counted and about 490 are yet to be counted from institutions within the Korle-Bu compound.  They have over the years, been counted as staff of the hospital.”

Dr. Botchway said the exercise had become necessary following the agitation of the 30 newly employed nurses who have not been paid for 22 months.

He said management was hopeful that normal process for placing newly employed staff on government payroll materialise within the regulated timeframe, adding that it became alarmed at the situation when it was asked to start paying the new nurses from its internally generated fund.

“The board, management and the Ministry of Health became interested and decided to probe further into the discrepancies in the figures presented for payment and the actual number of new nurses who picked up their checks,” he said.

Dr. Botchway said 287 out of a total of 347 on the IGF payroll, personally checked their names leaving 60 staff that have not been counted.

He said of the 423 newly employed nurses, 339 presented themselves for the count leaving 84 of them to do so.
The findings, the acting Chief Executive Officer said, revealed that there were staff who passed on, some dismissed, some vacated post, whose names still appear on government payroll, adding that those were issues that called for further investigations.

He expressed concern about some staff that pursue further studies for years without informing authorities of the hospital, yet they draw their salaries from the hospital ‘pocket’.

As a measure to check such illegalities, he said the hospital would roll out an electronic payroll system to check ghost names on its payroll.
The system which takes effect from next month, would be implemented in collaboration with the Controller and Accountant General’s Department with support from the Ministry of Finance, to ensure that the entire staff correspond with that on its payroll, he said.

In furtherance of this, he said, the hospital would introduce a clocking system to monitor attendance of staff on a daily basis.
Rev. Botchway said these measures would go a long way to ensure higher productivity among the staff.

The CEO said there would be several in-built levels of validation by supervisors, heads of department/unit and directors, noting that, that would make it extremely difficult for everyone who is not working for the hospital to be on its payroll.

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