Justice Obimpeh to challenge dismissal

Justice ObimpehJustice Ernest Obimpeh, one of the judges dismissed by President John Mahama, is going to court to contest his dismissal.

His lead counsel, Mr. Ken Anku, told Joy News that his client could not accept his dismissal because he was not given a fair hearing by the committee constituted to investigate allegations of misconduct against him.

He pointed out that Justice Obimpeh received no bribe and the only way that could be verified “is for him to go through evidential rule as stipulated by law”.

President John Mahama on Tuesday, directed the removal of Justice John Ajet-Nassam and Justice Ernest Obimpeh from office as Justices of the High Court, on grounds of stated misbehaviour.

It followed the President acceptance of the recommendations of a five-member Impeachment Committee which investigated their conduct, in accordance with Article 146 of the 1992 Constitution. The committee was chaired by a Justice of the Supreme Court.

Both judges were implicated in the judicial corruption scandal in which some judges of both the lower and high courts were caught on tape allegedly taking bribe to tilt the scale of justice.

Counsel for Justice Obimpeh said the committee did not accord his client the necessary channels to defend himself.

“We are contesting this on basis of selective application of procedure, or lack of uniformity of procedure touching and concerning the three committees that have been set up and the substantive allegation itself,” he stated.

“In Ghana, the final judicial power resides in the court, not in a committee of fact finding. Whatever you do, it is the court that is the final arbiter. Let us go to court and let the court listen to us or throw us away. If you want to convict someone, you must give the person a fair hearing so that at the end of the day, the person himself or herself will be satisfied that he has gone through a fair trial,” he stated.

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