Justice Dery drags Chief Justice to Supreme Court

Justice Dery

Justice Dery

Justice Paul Utter Dery, one of the judges named in the judicial bribery scandal has filed a suit at the Supreme Court citing Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood, the Chief Justice (CJ) for contempt of court.

Justice Derry is seeking to invoke the original jurisdiction of the apex court to stop the CJ from continuing impeachment proceedings against him.

His contentions were that the CJ ought not to have initiated the said proceedings against him because of the pendency of two suits in the Supreme Court and the High Court.

“I am also seeking a declaration that your conduct to proceed with the impeachment proceedings whilst there is a suit in the Supreme Court challenging your jurisdiction is contemptuous of the Supreme Court,” a letter attached to the suit said.

Justice Dery also argued that failure to comply with the pending court processes would constitute flagrant disrespect to the dignity, integrity and authority of the High Court and bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

It is the case of the High Court Judge that there is currently a pending case at the Supreme Court challenging the jurisdiction of the Chief Justice to determine a prima facie case against him and Justice Mustapha Habib Logoh, who is also being investigated by the Judicial Council for allegedly receiving bribe from litigants.

Justice Dery contends that the Chief Justice, earlier, in her determination of prima facie case in respect of Justices who responded to the petition for their removal from office respected the court action in respect of the pending cases filed by him and Habib Logoh.

“Your Ladyship, in your determination of prima facie case in respect of those indicted Justices who responded to the petition you, in accordance of your oath of office, respected the court action when you stated that: “I have suspended those on Dery J and Logoh on accounts of their actions against me in the courts.”

It is to be recalled that Justice Dery and 32 other superior and lower court judges were allegedly caught on video negotiating various sums of money with litigants to twist the arm of justice.

The case that had been investigated by ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas in 2015 attracted condemnation from the public.

It would also be recalled that a two-hour video of the bribery allegation was premiered at the Accra International Conference Centre.

By Malik Sullemana    

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