Judgement Debts C’ssioner Deplores A-G Dept’s Disregard To Subpoena

Sole Commissioner,Justice Yaw Apau (1)The continous failure of the Attorney-General’s Department to respond to subpoenas from the Judgement Debts Commission on matters relating to judgement debts payment has exasperated the Sole Commissioner to threaten drastic measures, should they fail to appear on July 21, 2014.

“I would not deal leniently with them if they fail to come” Mr. Justice Yaw Apau the Sole Commissioner warned and ordered that hearing notice be served on the department immediately.

The A-G’s Department has for the past two weeks not appeared at the Com-mission’s sittings to assist in investigations involving payment of sums of money as judgement debts and compensations to individuals and institutions by the state as a result of the department’s inability to defend some of the cases at the law courts.

Mr. Justice Apau gave the warning yesterday when Mr. Ben Korley, a chartered accountant at Messrs Intellisys, a chartered accounting firm, appeared to give evidence on the computation of judgement debt interest of GH¢8.2 million paid to African Automobile Limited (AAL), a Mitsubishi company by the state.

The company, under an agreement, serviced and supplied Mitsibushi spare parts to 17 Ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) for the past 15 years, amounting to a principal sum of GH¢145,652.32 which was paid.

But AAL went to court again and claimed a judgement debt interest of GH¢8.2 million from the state.

According to Mr. Korley, the A-G’s Department filed defence but failed to contest the matter at the court thus, resulting in a default judgement. in favour of AAL.

He said all efforts by him to get the necessary documents from the A-G’s department to facilitate his investigations as a “referee” came to naught because the department did not submit any to him.

At this point, the Sole Commissioner wanted the A-G’s Department, being the state lawyers, to have been present and reacted to the issue but they did not appear.

Their absence, however, left Mr. Justice Apau with no option but to say that drastic measures would be instituted when they fail to appear on July 21. Sitting continues today.
By Castro Zangina-Tong

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