Judge offers to school Prosecutors on gratis

Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo

Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo

A Bolgatanga Circuit Court Judge, Mr. Malcolm E. Bedzrah, has called on the Upper East Regional Police Command to organise its Prosecutors and Investigators for him to build their capacity at no cost.

This follows his observation that many Police Prosecutors and Investigators in the region who appeared before the courts were not well-vexed in investigation and prosecution.

The free training, he said,  would not only help address the low limitation of knowledge of police officers in prosecuting and investigating cases, but would speed up the process of prosecution and passing of judgments in courts as well as bring about fair hearing and judgment of cases.

The Circuit Judge expressed the worry on Thursday at the Bolgatanga Circuit Court when he presided over a defilement case brought before him.

According to him, many of the Police Prosecutors and Investigators often had good cases which they could prosecute and win easily but mostly failed to do so because of the limited knowledge they had about the laws in handling cases.

He cited for instance that the defilement case brought before him by the police lacked certain basic ingredients of the law and therefore asked the Police to go back and conduct better investigation into the matter.

“I will not compromise with the law. I am therefore asking you to go back and conduct your investigations into the matter well before appearing in this court for the necessary action to be taken”, he told the Police Officers.

Mr. Bedzrah  said most of the  police officers  did not know how to take statements from accused persons as well as conducting investigations involving  criminal and civil  matters.

He noted that  it was  not only enough for Police officers  to  take  statements from the accused persons but  to also record them to be used as substantial evidence in court.

He indicated that it was wrong for a Policeman taking statement from an accused person to engage a witness who would at the same time become an interpreter.

The Judge further stressed that it was wrong for police officers to compel an accused person to write down his or her statement if such persons decline to give out their statements.

He stated that some of the cases which are supposed to be viewed as defilement cases are seen as rape cases by some police officers when they are prosecuting and investigating making the passing of judgment very difficult.


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