Judge Lambasts A-G’s Dept

A HIGH Court judge has expressed worry at the conduct of the Attorney-General’s Department for failing to show up in a case in which two Ghanaians were arrested for allegedly facilitating the shipping of   5,880 kilogrammes of cocaine from Bolivia to Burkina Faso.

Although the reason for the absence of the two State Attorneys handling the case was relayed to the court, there was no legal representation from the Attorney-General’s Department.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Abraham Annor, told the court that the attorneys together with the investigator and officials of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) had left the country for Bolivia to confer with the authorities there.

Sitting with additional responsibilities, Mr. Francis Obiri said there must be a representative from the A-G’s department in the absence of the attorneys handling the case.

“Sometimes you wonder whether we are serious as a nation. Every case must be pursued with utmost attention and under no circumstance, should such attitudes be exhibited,” he said.

The accused, Shahad Iddrisu, a retired customs officer, Ghana Revenue Authority Division and Alexander Kofi Baah, a businessman, were brought to the Circuit Court.

Their accomplices, Carlo Alberto Reyes, Rivero Roca as well as their nephews were arrested by the Bolivaian police on March 3, 2015, in connection with the consignment.

Baah was said to have met Iddrisu in 2014 at Tema during a visit and subsequently became business partners.

DSP Annor said Iddrisu, an ethanol and industrial chemicals dealer, sought the assistance of Baah who speaks Spanish to travel with him to Brazil to ship some chemicals.

He said Baah told Iddrisu that he would introduce him to his friend Carlos Alberto Reyes, for which Iddrisu agreed to travel with him to Bolivia.

They later embarked on the trip to Bolivia and spent three days at Santacruz.

However, on March 3, 2015, Reyes and others were arrested by the Bolivian police in a premises where the substance was kept.

Further investigations conducted revealed the accused and their Bolivian partners owned the substance contained in fertilizer sacks labelled Rivero Roca and Babel SRL Company bound for shipment to Burkina Faso to be offloaded by the accused.

 By Malik Sullemana 

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