Jomoro Assembly to bury whale

•   The  whale

• The whale

The Jomoro District Assembly is taking steps to bury a whale which was washed ashore at the Fante fishing community beach, near Half Assini, in the early hours of Sunday.

The ‘gargantuan’ marine animal, according to The Ghanaian Times sources, became a tourist attraction as it drew a huge crowd to the beach, including children from far and near.

While others wondered how it was washed ashore, others were also terrified, with some others snapping pictures with their phone cameras.

At press time, a naval team was assisting the assembly to evacuate the marine mammal to a distance of about 300 miles, for safe burial.

But, the difficulty was that, the team would needed a strong tug boat to drag the whale to the burial site.

“It’s a huge marine animal and we need a bigger boat to pull it to a safe burial site along the beach.”the District Co-ordinating Director for Jomoro, Mr. Abdu Amadu told The Ghanaian Times yesterday.

He explained that, already, a team from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) together with the environmental and planning officers, had visited the site and examined the whale and recommend its burial.

Mr. Amadu told The Ghanaian Times that, an assembly member for the Fante fishing Community reported that the Chief Fisherman indicated   the whale was sighted at about 5am on Sunday.

The Co-ordinating Director said, the assembly was making efforts to contact the Navy at Sekondi or the Takoradi Harbor to engage a tug boat to facilitate the burial of the whale.

From Clement Adzei Boye,Takoradi

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