Job creation paramount to Ghanaians… Says Forbes Insights report

Experts say women are significant job creators in most African economies.

Experts say women are significant job creators in most African economies.

Job creation for the younger generation will be the most important issue for Ghana’s future, a study conducted by Forbes Insights has predicted.

The study respondents considered entrepreneurs, technology, education/educators, government and foreign investment as the main drivers of that job creation over the next five years.

Titled: ‘Job creation in sub-Saharan Africa’, the report cited that entrepreneurs and businesses, in particular, would represent 53 per cent of job creators over the period.

The report predicts through a series of surveys across several African countries that, it is entrepreneurs who will drive job creation and economic growth in Africa.

Additionally, it gives innovative tips on how young entrepreneurs can become key drivers of this prediction.

The findings of the report, which identified key sectors of growth for the continent, were determined after decisive surveys among 4000 young people aged between 16 and 40 from Ghana, Angola, Mozambique and Nigeria.

The report, affirmed that “it is today’s young and emerging business leaders who will ultimately create responsive and pragmatic solutions to Africa’s critical economic and social challenges”.

In so doing, these young and emerging entrepreneurs would create jobs, while driving social mobility, said the report.

The Forbes Insights report also predicted how women entrepreneurs could develop their skills in order to lead the way in creating jobs and driving economic growth in Africa.

Commenting, Ruka Sanusi, Founder of Alldens Lane, business strategy advisers, with focus on the development of women entrepreneurs, urged women-owned enterprises to adopt enhanced business strategy and operations capability, as directed by the Forbes Insights’ report.

This, she said, would encourage them to embrace the strategic and leadership responsibility of being significant job creators in the economy.

Forbes Insights, a strategic researcher, developed the report in partnership with Djembe Communications, a leading global communications consultancy.

 By Times Reporter

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