Italy to invest in Ghana’s agriculture, energy sectors

•  Mr. Matteo Renzi

• Mr. Matteo Renzi

The Prime Minister of Italy, Mr. Matteo Renzi, has expressed his country’s readiness to invest in the agriculture and energy sectors of the Ghanaian economy to create jobs for the youth.

He said Italian investors were ready to assist the government to build a strong economy and create jobs for the youth to reduce mass migration.

Mr. Renzi was addressing Parliament yesterday, as part of his official two-day visit to the country.

He noted that the Italian government respected human rights and dignity and would continue to save illegal migrants from West Africa, from the dangers associated with migration but urged the governments to create jobs for the youth to stay at home and work.

He indicated that it was imperative for other European countries to help fight human trafficking by investing on the continent to create jobs for the youth.

“The only way we can stop human trafficking is by creating jobs here and building opportunities for the people. Europe must invest here and give a message to the young people to grow up here and work,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the Italian government and investors were ready to partner Ghana to create jobs and expand the economies of both countries.

According to him, the Italian people were ready to do agribusiness in Ghana and invest in the energy sector.

“One of the most defining elements of Italian-Ghanaian economic partnership is the ENI project to supply gas for domestic market,” he said and described the project as “a game changer for power generation in Ghana from now to 2036”.

Mr. Renzi urged the government to ensure a stable economic and political environment in order to attract investors from his country.

“We need an open democracy and vibrant economy to work with. Your wealth will be our wealth. We share the same values and goals,” he said and noted that Italy and Ghana shared common cultural values which reflected in their strong commitment to democracy, respect for human rights, and rule of law.

Touching on terrorism, the Italian Prime Minister said Italy Africans and Europeans shared similar threats of terrorism and indicated that while terrorists were attacking churches, mosques, synagogues and universities in African, they were attacking Europeans in restaurants, theaters, and stadium.

“The threat of terror confronts everyone both in Europe and Africa. I deeply believe that democratic culture and the respect of human rights are the last form of resistance against violence and terrorism. These are important values we share together.”

“Terrorists disintegrate societies and everyone lives in fear. They try to kill us. When they are not able to kill, they try to force us to live us in fear. We must refuse this message and, together, in the name of culture, in the name of ideals, in the name of democracy, fight against this terrible message and fight together because the future is for us, our children and grandchildren,” he said.

He urged African leaders to work together through the African Union (AU) to solve common problems facing the people on the continent.

He said Europeans fought and killed themselves in the past but had come together through the European Union to change the history of the continent and advised African leaders to do same.

Mr. Renzi commended the country’s democratic credentials and described it as a model for other nations to follow.

By Yaw Kyei

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