Is sports is dying?

Ghanaians have the passion for sports, especially football, regrettably the sporting activity that engenders sense of bond and unity in the country, seems to be dead or taking a nose dive.

The whole country momentarily shelves divisiveness to celebrate when the national football wins a match in competitive football. This gives us hope that after all, the Black Stars or sport will come to our aid to provide us with something to cheer about when all things appear to be failing us!

When we say sports is dying, we are not being mischievous, or pretenders, but we want to drive home a point which we believe would be taken in good faith. The fact is that sports at the basic level is virtually dead!

We used to have sporting events like the Academicals, National Day Games, Regional Day Games, the Security Services Sports Association (SESSA) to mention but a few. These sporting activities created a platform to unearth talents to feed the various national sporting teams. They do not exist anymore!

Physical Education (PE) used to feature prominently in school academic curriculum and is taken seriously by the school authorities because it is from there that the country “can catch them young.”

The PE might not be given serious attention by schools authorities because it is now all about academic work. This is because in Ghana “paper talks”: If you do not have the academic degrees, forget it! Sports will not send you anywhere, much so when you do not have a “godfather” to push you through the national team.

School lands  which used to be recreation grounds have been heavily encroached and trespassed from the growing phenomenon of mad rush for land for economic and residential activities, perpetrated by unscrupulous community members who are expected to protect the  lands earmarked for recreational purposes.

Private school authorities will like to use the available land at their premises to expand and increase enrolment at the expense of recreation. Schools are overcrowded, no space for other activities!

The Ghanaian Times is worried about this trend and we want to refer to Article to Article 37(5) of the 1992 constitution and demand some action. It sates “The State shall ensure that adequate facilities are provided throughout Ghana and that sports are promoted as a means of fostering national integration, health and self-discipline as well as international friendship and understanding.” But are we living by the constitutionals injuction?

We note that the supreme law of the land has committed the State to promote sports as a means of fostering…health and self-discipline. This is in consonance with the current paradigm shift of the focus of the Ministry of Health from curative cure to preventive care.

Indeed, PE and other sporting activities keep us healthy and physically strong. Besides, the growing indiscipline in society and youth unemployment could be tackled from the angle of sports from the basic school. A sport has its set of rules that cannot be compromised. Playing by the rules of the game in our formative years will engender the sense of discipline that can exhibited throughout life!

Besides sports has the potential of creating jobs for the teeming youth to stem youth employment in the country.

Let’s revive sporting activities now!




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