IPMC outdoors solar printer

Intercom Programming and Manufacturing Company (IPMC), a leading information technology (IT) company in West Africa, has launched new RISO printers, including a solar-powered and a high speed printer, at a ceremony in Accra.

The printers, manufactured by RISO International, have been developed with advanced technology capable of printing up to 150 copies per minute with high speed and quality colour.

Speaking at the launch, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IPMC, Mr. Amar Deep S. Hari, said the RISO products were aimed at enhancing education in Africa, while helping to address power challenges that hamper productivity in the office.

He said RISO, a global leader in printing solutions, had designed the products to be eco-friendly, taking into consideration conditions in Africa, particularly Ghana, which were facing an energy crisis.

Mr. Amar said, Ghana remained a sensitive market in Africa and needed to be given special preference to meet the demands of customers.

According to him, the printers served multi-functional purposes such as printing, folding, stapling, binding, envelope wrapping and perfect binding that cut cut down cost of business.

“Surprisingly, the products featured an upgraded ultra-high-speed duplex printing technology that ensures that it operates for longer hours as they have a cold process printing system,” he said.

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