IPMC graduands urged to provide technological solutions

Mr.  Umar (inset)C.I.O addressing the graduands.Photo; Mercy Amparbeng (1)IPMC College of Technology yesterday held its 9th graduation ceremony with a call on graduands to support society with their technological skills and know-how in addressing problems.

The event, on the theme “Technology- the world’s new axis”, saw 557 students graduate with diploma certificates in hardware engineering, software engineering, database technology and graphic design.

Technology Expo, which forms part of the ceremony, also offered students of the college the platform to exhibit their accomplished works in technology.

In a message to the graduands, Farouk Omar, Chief Information Officer, GCB Bank, asked them to take advantage of the advancement in technology around the globe to offer digital solutions, which could grow into business ventures.

He urged them to collaborate, if possible, to be able to transform innovations into profitable businesses.

“It pays to put new ideas together rather than an individual trying to pursue it alone. Be a team player, tolerate the opinions of others and be ready to listen at all times. These will yield money in the long term,” he said.

Discipline, hard work and dedication, he noted, was essential in realising their potentials in established ventures and urged them to remain committed to these qualities for the betterment of their lives.

“You are the architect of your professional career. Actions and attitudes that propel its jeopardy must be abolished from this moment”, he said.

Mr. Omar explained that dreams and objectives, although difficult to achieve, must be chased despite the challenges.

Amar Deep Singh Hari, Chief Executive Officer, IPMC Ghana Limited, said the college was focused on training and equipping students with the necessary skills that would help them build their own careers.

The college, he noted was also on the verge of partnering with other institutions to be able to offer diverse technological training to make them ready for the job market.


By Claude Nyarko Adams   





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