‘Invest in fire safety management’

Some GNFS personnel demonstrating a fire fighting technique

Some GNFS personnel demonstrating a fire fighting technique

The Chief Fire Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Dr Albert Brown Gaisie, has urged institutions, individuals and the public in general to invest in domestic and institutional safety management.

He said the lack of appropriate preventive measures and safety fire management was one of the major causes of fire outbreaks in the country.

Dr Gaisie said this yesterday at the Fire Academy and Training School in Accra where an exercise was undertaken to technically assess the firing and suppression systems in the country.

He noted that the negligence of organisations and citizens towards fire safety management had contributed to the destruction of property in cases when the GNFS did not arrive at the fire scene on time.

“It is very crucial for us to support and embrace the concept of fire safety management and focus less on how much will be invested”, he said.

As part of the exercise, a manual fire suppression tool, “Dry Sprinkle Powder Aerosol” (DSPA) produced by Flame Guard Ghana Limited, was exhibited and demonstrated in a stimulated fire outbreak

DSPA, an extinguishing system for fighting fire by thermal reaction, is said to take out the heat content of the fire and prevent it from spreading.

The CEO and Technical Director of Flame Guard, Justice Yeboah, demonstrated how the equipment works and how it should be handled by the user persons during a fire outbreak.

“The DSPA is meant to knock down the flames within seconds and reduce the temperature produced by the fire. When this happens, only a small quantity of water is needed to extinguish a fully developed fire,” he said.

That Mr. Yeboah said would help control damage and check unnecessary water usage by the service personnel during a rescue.

Dr. Gaisie expressed satisfaction at the quality features and effectiveness of the product and urged organisations, hospitals, churches and even homes to adopt a positive attitude towards fire management and be willing to invest in acquiring quality fire suppression devices.

By Tryphena Yeboah and Bridget Aazore Yuora

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