Internal Auditors Hold Forum

???????????????????????????????The Management of public institutions must set high standards, which will translate into transparency and accountability in the public sector, Nii Adumansa Baddoo, Chairman of the Internal Audit Board, has said.

“The leadership and management of public sector institutions have particular responsibility to demonstrate the high standard that they expect others within the organisation to meet.

“They must, therefore, act as role models for others within the public service to emulate,” Nii Baddoo stressed.

Speaking at the opening of the 9th Annual Internal Audit Forum in Accra, Nii Baddoo said there was also the need for strict enforcement of Code of Ethics for public servants to serve as a mechanism to monitor their behaviours, hold them accountable for their actions, and to take prompt corrective measures.

The theme for the two-day event being attended by members of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) is: “Improving Governance in the Public Sector”.

Vice President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur opened the workshop.

Nii Baddoo said the theme was very important considering the fact that improving governance in the public service had become a critical prerequisite for the socio-economic development.

He said without proper governance, no nation could hope to overcome the challenges posed to its socio-economic development.

He explained that good governance in public sector institutions was about systemic and sustainable performance improvement and also about institutional and individual attitudes, leadership, values and behaviours.

Therefore, improving governance, in practice, requires that citizens are powered to participate in meaningful ways in the decision making process.

Nii Baddoo said another critical way of improving governance in the country was to improve human resources in the public service, which underpins the need for appropriate recruitment and selection procedures followed by a comprehensive induction programme and continuing capacity building and training programme.

This would ensure that the leadership and management of public entities have proper understanding of their responsibilities, the standard of performance expected of them, and more importantly, he said, the capacity to deliver the expected outcomes.

He said the IAA recognises that improving governance in the public sector requires a robust and effective internal auditing practice, which would provide the appropriate platform for proper financial management and prevent corrupt practices and abuse of national resources.

Consequently, the Agency has succeeded in assisting 95 per cent of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and the MMDAs to establish internal audit units as required by law.

“It also continues to provide training to build the capacity of staff at the units to carry out their functions effectively and to safeguard public resources,” he said.

Participants at the forum are to deliberate on topics such as, “The Role of Management and Internal Auditors in Improving governance in the Public sector”, and “The Role of the Public Servant in Improving Governance in the Public Sector through Attitudinal Change and Adherence to the Code of Ethics and Conduct.” There will also be a presentation on Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS).



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