Integrate your systems with GhiPSS – Remittance agencies urged

Mr Archie Hesse

Mr Archie Hesse

Remittance Agencies have been urged to integrate their system with the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhiPSS), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Archie Hesse has said.

That, he explained, would help their customers to receive their foreign remittances directly into their mobile money wallet, bank account, or e-zwich card.

Mr Hesse indicated that currently most recipients of foreign remittances were compelled to go to the banking hall in order to receive monies remitted to them.

“However with the advancement in the country’s payment system, recipients of foreign remittance can have the monies paid directly to the bank account normally referred to as cash-to-account remittance,” he said.

The CEO of GhiPSS stressed that remittance could be paid directly into their mobile money wallet or to their e-zwich card, saying in each of “these instances, the recipient enjoys the convenience of receiving the money without queuing at the banking hall. They also access the money at their own convenience.”

He indicated that currently MoneyGram and some other remittance agencies were offering that service, while others were in the process of integrating to the GhIPSS platform.

Remittances from Ghanaians abroad normally, he said peaked in the last quarter of the year with long queues particularly in December.

“However those long queues and the attendant discomfort can be avoided if recipients can receive their monies directly into the mobile money wallet, bank account or e-zwich cards,” Mr Hesse said.

The CEO of GhiPSS said the doors of GhiPSS were opened to engage and assist the remittance agencies to integrate into their systems and offer better service to their customers.

He said there was no point compelling customers to go to the banking hall to access foreign remittance when they could receive it on their mobile money wallet, bank account or onto their e-zwich card.


He explained that paying remittances through the three channels was also a better way to keep money within the banking system instead of forcing people to go for cash from the banking hall.


Beyond the issue of convenience, Mr Hesse said cash-to-account or mobile money wallet was more efficient, as it gives recipients the flexibility and opportunity to move the funds around quickly.


“Imagine you are remitted and as usual expected to send some of the money to different family members. Once the remittance is paid to your mobile money wallet, you can just send it to other beneficiaries without moving an inch,” he said.


Mr Hesse expressed the hope that more remittance agencies would integrate with their system before December, so that most “people will not need to queue at banking halls to receive monies remitted to them.”


He therefore encouraged the remittance companies to approach GhiPSS or their own bankers to be able to offer these channels to customers.


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