Innolink Print denies allegation

Kingsley Addo addressing the press

Kingsley Addo

Innolink Print and Packaging Company Limited, one of the firms printing the ballot papers for the December elections, has denied allegations that it has breached any security guidelines in discharging its duty.

The company, contracted to print the presidential and parliamentary papers for the Greater Accra and Volta regions, said its mandate had been carried out effectively without any bases.

This comes on the back of allegations levelled against the company by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) that it had leaked the plate used for printing the ballot papers to an unknown person, which the party said was unlawful and a breach of the process.

The NPP’s Director of Elections, Mr. Martin Adjei Korsah, had claimed that “the Production Manager had handed over a production plate that looked like the plate for the presidential ballot papers, to a gentleman who entered and moved out with the plate”.

But the Business Development Manager of the company, Mr. Kingsley Addo, at a press conference in Accra yesterday, said the allegations were “baseless and must not be entertained”.

He explained that a sister company, Aero-Vote,  also printing the statement of poll was faced with difficulties in going to the United Kingdom to expose the plate of the statement of poll they were working on, as such it sought Innolink’s assistance in a race to beat time.

The plate, he said, was duly exposed and the completed job was handed over to a representative of Aero-Vote on Monday, November 21.

Mr. Addo said as far as Innolink was concerned, there was no security breach. The Production Manager was cleared by the security before he handed over the plate to the Aero-Vote’s official.

“No plate of the presidential ballot had been given out by any officer of Innolink Ghana Limited. Indeed, all the plates used in printing the presidential and parliamentary ballot papers are still intact,” he stated.

The plate involved, Mr. Addo explained was not the presidential ballot plate as suggested by the NPP, but a statement of poll, popularly known as ‘Pink Sheet’.

“Every aspect of our printing process is under a 24-hour monitoring by the National Security, Police, Bureau of National Investigations, Electoral Commission and political party representatives. It is, therefore, impossible for anyone to collude with anybody to compromise the security of the printing process,” he noted.

Management, he said, was ready to grant access to the company’s close-circuit television (CCTV) system for further investigations. “We have done nothing untoward in this matter.”

He assured: “We are all Ghanaians and we all have a stake in this election. Our credibility, our track record, is not in doubt and we won’t allow anybody to taint our hard-won reputation. The features on the statement of poll are unique and specific, and can’t be manipulated.”

He explained that Innolink, which had been in the business of printing electoral materials since 2004, was “resolute in our commitment to ensuring that the electoral process remains intact”.


By Lawrence Vomafa Akpalu & Julius Yao Petetsi  












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