Inesfly Africa signs distribution pact with PESTCON

Inesfly Africa, the only producer of insecticide paints in Africa, has ventured into Francophone Africa by signing a distribution agreement with PESTCON Africa PLC, a pest control company based in Douala, Cameroon.
The agreement is part of the Inesfly’s expansion drive which has the aim of helping to combat the malaria menace in Africa.

As a result of the agreement with PESTCON AFRICA Plc, Inesfly aims to penetrate the CEMAC market, which is made of Cameroon, Gabon, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo and Central African Republic.
With the agreement, the 42.8 million population of the CEMAC region would now have access to Inesfly’s insecticide paints and range of products.
The agreement was signed in Accra following extended discussions between the two companies.
Mr. Michael Sjodin, Chief Executive Officer of Inesfly Africa Ltd, who signed for his company, said the venture into Central Africa has the primary objective of offering a total solution to the malaria epidemic and other vector borne diseases.
About 90 per cent of all malaria deaths in the world occur in Africa, mainly due to the proliferation of the vector, the female anopheles mosquito, which has become so widespread in Africa and difficult to control with standard insecticides currently available in the market.
“Inesfly uses an effective and proven technology from Europe for the control of vector borne endemic diseases which include malaria, yellow fever and dengue that affect half of the world’s population,” he said.
Mr. Eustace Anye, Managing Director of PESTCON Africa Plc, who signed for his company, expressed his company’s commitment to the partnership with Inesfly, saying PESTCON Africa shares in the objective of protecting Africans against diseases such as malaria.
He gave the assurance that his company would utilise its international and extensive distribution network, to support Inesfly’s mission of improving the living and health conditions of the people living in areas prone to vector-borne diseases.
By Edmund Mingle

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