Industry must fund relevant academic research -Berock Chair


Mr. Rockson Dogbegah

The Executive Chairman of Berock Ventures, Rockson Dogbegah has challenged industry to fund academic research, particularly when they are potential users of the findings.

This he said would be another effective form of collaboration between industry and the academia.

Mr. Dogbegah who was speaking at the 9th Annual International Applied Research Conference of the Koforidua Polytechnic however, stated that for industry to willingly support academic research, academic and research institutions would have to demonstrate the impact of their research on business and society in general beyond publishing their findings in journals mainly for purposes of promotions.

He therefore, challenged the academia to ensure that their works were predominantly demand-driven adding that there must also be a clear strategy to communicate the research findings to potential users, in ways that would maximise their impact.

The academic conference is a gathering of researchers to present findings to various studies they have carried out and also serve as a platform for practitioners to interact with academia and thus promote effective collaborations between the two.

The Berock Executive Chairman noted that “the need to demonstrate research impact has become global and in times of austerity, such as this, I believe this need forms a basis for justifying why government or industry should fund academic research works.”

Mr. Dogbegah also complained about lack of opportunity for students to do internship and called for a closer collaboration between academia and industry to address that challenge.


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