Indomie Lines Up Activities For Christmas

Clients and customers of the leading producer of noodles, Indomie, will have a lot to cheer about this yuletide as the global brand lines up various activities ahead of the festive season.

According to the management of Multi-Pro Private Limited, the local brand representatives, various promotions and customer week celebrations would take place between now and the end of the year to reward clients and customers as well as support a healthy eating campaign.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, the General Manager of Multi-Pro Private Limited, Girish Sharma, said the company has also decided to keep its price affordable, despite the challenges associated with the year, as a way of supporting the businesses of its clients.

He explains the decision is also driven by the desire to ensure that the nutritious meal remains very affordable to the teeming number of people who enjoy it daily.

He, therefore, urged distributors, not to be motivated by excessive profit but to stick to the pricing policy.

Mr Sharma, noted that the increasing awareness of the public about healthy eating is heartwarming, and a challenge to the company to ensure that the product is always within the range of the consuming public.

He said the last week of November has been dedicated as Customers’ Appreciation Week, during which distributors would walk away with various prizes ranging from electrical appliances to various support services.

Mr Sharma said he was hopeful that apart from celebrating their clients, it is going to go a long way to support the broader agenda of promoting healthy eating particularly among children.

“There is hardly time for parents to serve good breakfast for their children these days, and so making Indomie, which is quick to prepare, available and affordable, will do a lot of good to busy parents,” he explained.

Multi-Pro Private Limuited, has also planned to run various promotional activities and campaigns for the rest of the year to also give back to consumers of Indomie noodles.

The company has also set out to continually research into healthy living, to ensure that its products continue to make the consumers healthy.

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