India urges unified force against terrorism

Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, K. Jeeva Sagar

Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, K. Jeeva Sagar

The Indian Community in Ghana has celebrated their country’s 70th Independence anniversary with a call on world leaders to build a resilient and unified force to fight terrorism.

Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, President of India, in a speech read on his behalf by Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Charges d’ Affaires of the High Commission in Accra, observed that the radicalisation of people based on religious lines was the root cause of terror activities in the world.

“These forces apart from killing innocent people in the name of religion also threaten to disturb geopolitical divides which could prove disastrous for world peace”, he said.

The President of India indicated his country’s resolve to contribute to the preservation of the world’s peace and harmony.

The country, he said, was forging new relationships based on shared values and mutual benefit with all countries which would promote peaceful co-existence and harness technology for economic development.

Touching on the importance of technology on economic growth, he urged Indians to embrace innovations that were linked to their aspirations and beneficial to a wide spectrum of society.

He said, “in this age of technological advance, machines are being pitted against men and we as a nation must continue to nurture creativity, science and technology to sustain our economy”.

“We must learn to challenge the status quo and refuse to accept inefficiency and slipshod work. In a competitive environment, a sense of immediacy is a necessary virtue”.

President Mukherjee urged ruling governments to continually strengthen the institutions of democracy, saying “democracy is more than a periodic exercise of choices to elect a government”.

“Disruptions, obstructionism and unmindful pursuit of a divisive political agenda by groups and individuals lead to nothing but institutional travesty and constitutional subversion,” he stated.

“Let us respect each other’s culture, values and beliefs. The very essence of plurality lies in cherishing our heterogeneity and valuing our diversity”, he advised.

Mr. Gupta in an interview with the media said the anniversary was significant among the Indian community as it provided a platform to re-connect with their homeland and encourage them to contribute their quota to their nation and the countries in which they lived.

By Abigail Annoh

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