‘Inadequate preparation cost Ghana’

SPOKESPERSON of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Fredericka Mensah Davies, said team Ghana’s preparations for the All Africa Games was inadequate, hence the inability to win more medals.

In an interview with the Times Sports yesterday, she said though some athletes prepared on their own, it got to a time where they needed financial support to prepare adequately for the event but were handicapped.

According to her, unlike the Maputo Games, that was held just after the Unity Games which served as a form of preparation for the athletes, the just-ended event lacked such level of preparations.

“Athletes could not camp and train for the event as proposed and they were half-prepared and not well shaped to compete against the best from other countries,” she stated.

The NSA spokesperson stated that facilities at Congo Brazzaville could not be compared to those in Ghana “and that posed huge difficulties to the athletes.”

“The athletes after training on outmoded facilities were faced with the state-of-the-art facilities at Congo Brazzaville and had difficulties adjusting to them,” she revealed.

She said it took them a lot of time to adjust to the facilities and that affected their performance marginally as other athletes were comfortable and already made their mark.

Ghana, she said, did not have enough top-notch officials in the various disciplines that could guide the athletes to excel.

She explained that, those available lacked the qualification to get the needed network with the international body and high-profile officials from other countries to command the disciplines.

“Getting upgraded with the new rules and regulations and building a network with other officials would have helped in Ghana’s campaign,” she stressed.

According to her, the officials from Ghana were not aware of the new rules and regulations and that affected the athletes.

Going forward, she said, there should be regular training for coaches and officials to ensure that they were updated with the rules and regulations governing the game to avoid mistakes that would end up getting athletes disqualified.

By Michael D. Abayateye

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