‘Improve quality of DOL’

Kwsi NyntkyiKwesi Nyantakyi, President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has tasked division one clubs to attach more seriousness to the Division One League (DOL) to improve its quality.

He said when things are done right, the DOL could compete with the premier league for attention and media space, adding that, “this can only happen if players and officials perform their duties well.”

“Division One clubs should consider themselves as premiership clubs since they would this season play the same matches as the premiership sides and also qualification to the elite league would be intense, and interesting.”

Speaking at the introduction of GN Bank as the new sponsor of the DOL, the FA boss explained that the clubs would play in three zones with each club playing over 30 matches per season.

Winners of each zone would automatically gain qualification to the premiership and the system would also allow the teams more playing time to sharpen their skills.

He added that the GFA would ensure maximum security across all centers to ensure a successful season.

“The FA would descend heavily on any club or supporters that would engage in violence to mar the league,” he stated.

Mr. Nyantakyi assured that the DOL would ensure best and acceptable standards, calling on referees to ensure fairness to all to produce decent champions.

By Michael D. Abayateye

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