Improve branding of products – Ghanaian manufacturers urged

The Chief Executive Officer of Tracca Ghana Limited, a fixed Asset Management company, Pascal Mohammed has advised Ghanaian business owners to improve the branding of their products in order to increase the demand for the products both locally and internationally.

He said most Ghanaian manufacturers produced quality products but failed in the aspect of branding them properly and that made it difficult to market them internationally.

Speaking to The Ghanaian Times in an interview, Mr Mohammed advised manufacturers to ensure that their products had barcodes so that they could be sold at the various supermarkets.

He added that because most Ghanaian products did not have barcodes, they were not able to get to the shelves of the supermarkets in the country, adding that the situation paved way for most of the products with bar codes to be imported from South Africa and other countries.

He advised business owners to get the Primera technology, which would enable them to produce, their own labels with barcodes instead of going abroad to have barcodes.

“Applying the barcode to your products increases demand thereby making it easy for you to market your products properly,” he stressed.

He advised manufacturers who supply food products to the major international markets to ensure they comply with food safety and traceability standards including quality food packaging and labelling.

He appealed to the government to implement policies that would ensure manufacturers give quality branding of made- in- Ghana products the needed attention.

Mr Mohammed reiterated that, when this was done, the Ghanaian market would receive a major boost.

By Raissa Sambou  


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