Imposters, scammers deserve severe punishment

Imposters and scammers have been in the news of late because the police are making public the arrest of these criminals.

Perhaps the high increase in the number of arrest may be as a result of more people having fallen victim to the scams of these imposters.

Last week for instance, the Ghanaian Times reported the unprecedented arrest of three highly sophisticated imposters at different locations across the country.

The three paraded themselves individually as a soldier, doctor and a lawyer and succeeded in duping unsuspecting victims.

From Kumasi, it was reported that a self-styled lawyer allegedly defrauded scores of people to the tune of GH¢748,000.

According to the story the suspect, according to the police, had been defrauding people for 10 years and operated under the false identity of Micheal Antwi Boasiako or Micheal Asante.

In a similar fashion, a 50 year old man Adams Arimeyaw who posed as a doctor of a medical facility in Madina, in Accra, was also arrested.

He is said to have been practicing unlawfully for the past 20 years although he did not have the qualification to practice medicine or dentistry.

In another case, a 24 year old man, Ernest Norshie was arrested for parading himself as a military man.

Although the police is yet to establish the crimes committed by the Norshie with the military accoutrement found on him, he adds up to the increasing number of imposters and scammers arrested recently.

We are alarmed at the increase in scams and impersonation by individuals who are out there duping their victims and leaving them in misery.

The fact is that many people have fallen victim to these scammers but many more are falling prey to a more dangerous scam on mobile phones.

In recent times, scam calls and mobile money fraud have added up to the crimes being perpetrated against innocent people in the country today.

Indeed everyone is vulnerable to these scammers who use many tricks to con and swindle people of their cash and other valuables.

It is time the security agencies took a critical look at these highly sophisticated phoney activities and deal with them with a sense of urgency.

We must not allow all these criminal activities to take root in the country before we launch another “war” against it.

We must resolve that all those who are arrested committing such crimes be punished severely to serve as a deterrent to others.

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