Imported Goods Must Conform To Standards – AGI

Nana Afari PixThe President of Association of the Ghana Industries (AGI) Nana Afari has urged the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) and other enforcement agencies at the country’s ports to ensure that goods imported into the country conform to international standards.

He has, therefore, called on the government to fortify the institutions with the needed equipment and resources to be able to deliver on their mandate.

According to him, ensuring that inferior goods do not penetrate into the Ghanaian market meant promoting the growth of local industries to enhance its sustainability.

Speaking at a public forum aimed at promoting made-in Ghana products in Accra on Monday, Nana Afari said real economic revolution would be achieved when Ghanaians patronise made-in Ghana goods.

The forum which had the theme: “Our products, Our Pride, Our Future,” brought together industry palyers locally and internationally.

Nana Afari said although locally manufactured products are of high standards, inferior commodities had a large market share on the Ghanaian market.

He cited examples of neighbouring countries like Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire which had placed embargos on the importation of some products, including chicken, flour and sugar, as a means of protecting indigenous industries and urged the government to emulate it.

On the development of the economy, he advised the government to support the private sector since it remained the engine of growth of every economy.

“Government has a major role to support the private sector. When the private sector thrives, Ghana thrives,” he stated.

He advised the government to roll out favourable policies that would create a conducive environment for the private sector to succeed.

Nana Afari bemoaned the rebranding of Ghanaian commodities by foreigners, saying such a practice could kill local initiatives and promote unhealthy competition.

Mr. Ernest Boateng, General Manager of Global Media Alliance, said the country’s economy could be transformed, if the people show loyalty and recognition of Ghanaian products.

He wondered why graduate unemployment kept rising in spite of excessive demand for more goods by both local and international consumers, adding that more job opportunities could be created within the industry to address the problem. – Malik Sullemana

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