I’m Not The Type A Man Beats – Chika

chika-ike-1Chika Ike is not done with taking about her divorce yet, or the cause of it. A few months ago, Nollywood beauty Chika announced on Facebook that a court in Abuja had granted her request for a divorce from her husband, Tony Eberiri.

Obviously, she was just expressing her happiness on being free from the clutch of marriage. While some of her fans congratulated the sexy and delectable thespian on the move, others took her to the cleaners and blasted her seriously for going to the social media platform to celebrate a divorce.

The 27-year-old Nollywood actress tried to convince the world that she was the victim of domestic abuse, claiming Mr. Eberibi physically assaulted her for years. One of the many fights, she said, resulted in a miscarriage.

But her hubby denied the allegation and warned her to desist from spreading those stories.

This is what she posted on facebook.

“Growing up as a girl. I was always known as the sweetest kid on the bloc. Before I got married, I have been through some relationships and for once, no man had ever laid a finger on me. The first time it happened in my marriage, I didn’t understand it because I am not the type of woman a man beats but I guess there are no types. It just happens and no woman deserves it.

“As a young girl, I thought it was love or his way of expressing his emotions, [but] after every beating, he pleads, cries and says it won’t happen again; once again I thought it was love and made excuses for him. Over the years, when it kept happening consistently, I started looking for other definitions for it. I started losing myself pride, self esteem, self worth, and most painfully. I lost a pregnancy (Miscarriage) I almost lost my life in the process.  Then I realized how serious and abnormal it really was.”

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